The Poo Police

I’m now on a subject that is not very nice –
I’d like to know where are our poo police?
Do they ever impose the sixty* pound fine
for leaving behind such a huge doggy sign?

I get very cross as we walk down the lane
behind our house – it’s so filthy again!
Our Mum picks our mess up in a little black bag,
ties it up in a knot – it’s not much of a drag,
puts the bag in the little red bin on the way,
so the path will be clean for the rest of the day.

There are poo bins positioned both ends of the street,
so there’s no excuse to leave it behind for our feet
to tread in next time we walk down there.
Irresponsible dog owners – you’re not being fair!
Take poo bags with you like other owners do,
so our owners don’t have to get poo on their shoe!


*Please note that the fines have gone up from £60 now
Wellingborough Council article on Dog Fouling 

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