The full mailbox

A postal worker notices that the mailbox at one of his stops is overflowing, even though the family’s two cars are up the driveway. He is a temporary worker and forgets to report this fact to his superiors. He gets another job the next day, and doesn’t bother to return to complete his two weeks assignment on post relief.

Colin Cross, the regular postie, had been away for nearly two weeks doing up his house, but now he had been asked to come back a day early because the temp had left. He was not a happy chappy, but the promise of overtime was hard to resist. It was Friday and he could hopefully finish the job over the weekend.

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The Lamp Post on the Corner


Couple Spinning Around Lamppost

“Well Inspector, it was quite late when I went to bed – about one o’clock. Leaning on the lamp post at the corner of my street, I saw a young man smoking a cigarette. I didn’t take much notice of him at the time, but when he was still there ten minutes later, I gave him a closer look, wondering why he was still there. He was very good looking, with dark brown hair, and heavy dark eyebrows, a little too close together for my liking. However, I did notice that he had a large, jagged scar across his right cheek. I remember thinking what a pity it was – it spoiled his looks. Just then a young girl came along, and they obviously knew each other well, and started larking around.

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Murder at Hardstonecourt Hall – The Characters

Felicity Fortescue-Smyth – Fashionable, frail, fun, frivolous and flirtatious, with a fondness of frequently using the “f“ word! Married for several years to John Smyth, but childless. A retired receptionist, but now an influential chairwoman of several local societies, she is always the life and soul of the party and lives her life to the full with her heavy involvement in many social activities.  She spends as much money as she can on new clothes, jewelry or shoes. She rarely does any housework, cooking or gardening, so can preserve her beautifully manicured long nails.  Her husband walks her beloved Great Dane, Biba, as the dog is far too big for her to control on a walk.  Although she rarely does any cooking, except for the odd cake or two, she always does the washing up, wearing rubber cloves of course! She volunteered for that task on this holiday. She shares the twin room on the first floor with John Smyth and Biba.
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