Shepherds’ Pie


I stole the shepherd's pie

 ‘Shepherd’s Pie!- a hug on a plate!’
I heard Greg Wallace say
when Mum was watching Masterchef
on telly yesterday.

She ate it all! Left none for us!
 We need a nice hug too!
All we had was dried dog food with
a spoon of doggy stew! 

It smelled so good, my whole mouth drooled,
sure she would save some for us,
but I watched her scraping the plate quite clean
and I couldn’t make a fuss.

Well I followed her into the kitchen
and sat down by the sink,
and when she’d finished all the washing up
– what do you think?

I suppose you did your usual thing
and jumped right up to see
if there was something left on the counter
to give to you and me?

Yeah! She left a bit in her cooking pan
just by the sink to soak.
Maybe we’ll get some soggy scrapings soon,
that would be a good joke! 

We’d better curl up on the sofa then,
as good as we can be,
and sleep right through until breakfast time or
until we need a pee!

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