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Jezebel MyschkaJezebel ready for a garden party or Ascot - keep it small or in the background

Having partly retired from her lifelong career in accounting during 2011 and 2012, JM turned her attention to her more creative pursuits, like writing poetry and fiction. However when, in 2013, JM returned to full time employment she found little time to write, but now she is writing again.

JM lives in Northamptonshire, England, formerly with her two German Shepherd litter sisters, who inspired her “Doggie Ditties“. Loving  the great British countryside, a lot of JM’s writing was inspired by places she has visited in Great Britain, especially Cornwall. Some of that material has been used in her illustrated chapbook “Captivated by Cornwall”.

JM is a great fatalist, and accepts that a lot of things in life are never as good as they should be, but when she is at her lowest, something somehow always seems to come along to improve her life, just at the right time. Hence the title of this website.Myschka & Jez on their walk

JM’s two dogs, Jezebel and Myschka, were no exception. Her pen name, Jezebel Myschka, seemed to her to be a fitting tribute to her two best friends. Sadly JM lost her twelve year old Jezebel in March 2013, although she still found some inspiration from the “spirit of Jezebel” which accompanied JM on her walks with her surviving sister, Myschka, who in turn died in May 2014 aged 13.

???????????????????????????????Having found life without a dog unbearable, JM soon fell irrevocably in love with a white GSD puppy. Life with a young pup was very busy and JM hardly found any time to write, but now the pup is older and having “retired” again from part-time employment, who knows how much JM will be writing? She is working on her second illustrated chapbook of Doggie Ditties “Almost Human” which she has been writing during April 2015.

A lot of JM’s tall tales and potty poetry might appear to be autobiographical, but they are not necessarily true memoirs of her life, so you must take a pinch of salt with everything that you read.

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