Our garden’s full of lots of frogs and when the rain doth fall
They all crawl out from beneath their rocks and under the garden wall. 

They hop around from rock to rock and climb right through the netting,
They frolic all down our garden path really enjoying their wetting.

When I look up from my cosy bed or go outside for a scout,
some have the cheek to be in our run, I can see them hopping about.

This is too much, they don’t belong leaping around in our run,
But as they’re here I’ll chase one out – it might be a bit of fun.

One frog I chased around our run really was hard to catch,
I almost caught it but it leaped away and hid down in the vegetable patch.

But I got lucky one day and caught one, it wriggled and wriggled about,
I took it in and dropped it down as my Mum began to shout.

The silly thing was sat upside down and couldn’t turn over again,
and Mum picked it up and was going to kiss it, but put it back out in the rain.

In Springtime when the sun first comes out you should see our garden lake –
They’re in the shallows hanging on to each other trying a family to make.

The frogspawn will float there in millions next week and soon they all will hatch
into tadpoles with little wiggly tails that the blackbirds come to catch!

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