I'm such a contented doggy

Here I lie with my feet in the air,
I’ve had a good day and I haven’t a care.
We had a good walk in the great Autumn sun,
we sniffed all the trees and we had a good run.

We chased all the rabbits, and squirrels ’n all,
and we then had a great game chasing a ball.
We kicked up the leaves as we strolled through the wood,
and then we ‘walked nicely’ as we knew that we should.
We’ve had a good dinner, and some of Mum’s too –
one of my favorites, her best chicken stew.

Now it’s the time we’re off to our bed,
but I’d rather stay here on Mum’s sofa instead.
If I look very cute she’ll tickle my tum –
I can do anything to get round my Mum!

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