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Welcome to Jezebel Myschka’s website, mostly whimsical musings of a novice writer sharing her views, interests, memories and photos with the world.

JM is a country girl at heart, and as she walks through our great British countryside with her dogs, something she sees always seems to make her start to wax lyrical. She can’t wait to get her thoughts written down, but it’s not always at the right time, because there are so many other things that she should be doing. However, because she is great procrastinator, when the mood takes her, she just has to write, sometimes very late into the night, and she often goes to bed with the dawn. That might be bedtime for the rest of the world, but it is the write time for JM! Hence the name of this website.

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JM  spent various phases throughout her life writing poetry. She loved poetry at school and wrote a lot in those days, some examples of which you will find on this site.

  • Rhyming Verse JM has been writing rhyming verse all her life, whenever a situation demanded that she should wax lyrical. She has often been invited to write appropriate personal poems for wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, colleagues leaving work and even for business presentations!
  • Comic Verse JM has a great sense of humour, and most of her tongue in cheek poetry reflects this.
  • Doggie Ditties Inspired by her two German Shepherd sisters, JM has written many verses as if they were conversations between her two dogs, talking in human-speak. These zany poems reflect the differing natures of her two dogs; one being bolshy and naughty, the other being long-suffering and obedient.
  • Best of British JM has spent many happy holidays in Great Britain, her favourite haunts being the West Country, and coastal areas of England, Wales and Scotland. Constantly clicking away with her camera at the beautiful scenery, JM has attached poems to some of her favourite photos.
  • Proper Poetry Having  joined a local Creative Writing Group, JM gets homework of writing different styles of poetry. JM calls those poems “Proper Poetry.”  Some styles she likes, some she absolutely hates. JM has included the rules at the bottom of each of these classic style poems, just in case you find them difficult too! These consist of standard poetry formats, such as Acrostic, Cinquains, Diamante, Haikus, Nonets, Monotetra, Musettes, Sedokas, Trois-par-Huit, Trolaan and Wrapped Refrains to name but a few.


  • Flash Fiction JM has written many fictional stories during her life, and having joined a creative writing group, now writes short pieces of less than 500 words to order, in ten minute handwriting sessions, from a first line prompt during their meetings. Some of these will be found in the “Flash Fiction” category.
  • Short Stories JM also belongs to several on-line writing forums where they are tasked with writing a short story, having been given a subject or first line prompt. Some of her work has been included in the “Short Stories” category. Some she has found have connecting characters, and JM has grouped these into a category called “The Cottage” which she intends to convert to a serialised novel.
  • Humour With JM’s zany sense of humour, she has also written many humorous anecdotes, some of which can be found in the “Humour” category.  JM also writes satirical reflections and memoirs (not necessarily her own), some of which will be found under this category.
  • Murder Mysteries JM is currently working on an amusing Murder Mystery play, originally designed for one of her Murder Mystery Parties for her friends, which they enjoy from time to time in her home. This one is based in an imposing, supposedly haunted, 16th century Manor House, where JM and her friends stayed a few years ago. The character studies and introduction are included in the Murder Mystery category. Any similar characteristics or connections with her friends are purely coincidental!

Happy reading!

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