Wimbledon Fortnight

It’s here again for another two weeks –
a fortnight of bliss for the tennis freaks.
Now will the weather hold out I wonder
or will the heavens be torn asunder?

And will our Brits last out ‘til the next week?
Of our Andy I hardly dare to speak.
We’ll hold our breath each and every match,
as they all struggle on, while we all watch.

Strawb’ries and cream are in my shopping bag,
together with a red, white and blue flag.
As I sit on my sofa in patriotic pride,
I’m stuck indoors, while the sun shines outside.

But can I leave it? No, try as I might
I can’t leave my TV and miss a sight.
I’m here for two weeks ‘til it’s all over
cos I’m a sad old Wimbledon lover!

© Jezebel Myschka

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