Nights in white satin

My face went a whiter shade of pale
when my man asked me over to stay
for passionate nights in white satin
because he was soon going away.

He was leaving for Sweden next week,
he would not be back for a long while
it would feel like forever autumn
before I would get to see his smile.

With my bright eyes full of wretched tears
that were falling halfway down my cheek,
I swallowed the big lump in my throat
before I could start to softly speak.

Like a bridge over troubled waters
I will gladly lay me down with you.
We will frolic in your white satin
and I’ll prove my love for you is true.”


C.W Exercise:-
Take a random list of five song titles and write a poem using them.

I’ve used some of my favourites:-
Whiter shade of pale
Bridge over troubled waters
Forever Autumn 
Bright eyes
Nights in white satin