I’m lying here doing my very best pose –
I’m trying to be still and not twitch my nose.
My Mum said “say cheese” but I don’t think I could,
so I’ll just lie here quietly and try to be good.

Jezzie Behave!

Window Watching - Waiting for the Postman

My sister really is a rotten pain –
she’s on my settee, and barking again!
My mum will get cross, and I know she’ll shout,
and the next thing will be – we’ll have to go out!
My Mum’s got a thing that gives out a sound
that she can’t hear, but it’s hell for a hound!
I’m sitting pretty, as good as I can –
so Jezzie, behave! Before s*** hit’s the fan!

hate my big sister! She bosses me about,
’specially when I’ve seen a cat and I start to shout.
I think Mum likes her best,  and that’s not really fair
Cos she chose to have me , then Myschka jumped in there! 

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I’m sitting here with my favorite man –
too big for his lap, but sit here I can.
They say I look silly, but who gives a hoot?
I’ve got him pinned down with back paws on his boot!