Too much Rain!
(Trois-par-huit poem)

Now at last
the fear of drought has passed.
They can now cancel the hosepipe ban.
We can put away our brand new watering can,
and forget any idea of a summer tan.
It’s never going to stop, it’s plain,
each day we get again
too much rain!

© Jezebel Myschka

Trois-par-Huit (Three-by-Eight) = 3 stanzas of 3/3/2 lines or 3/2/3 lines, total of 8 lines, syllable count 3/6/9/12/12/9/6/3, rhyming pattern AABBBCCC where the last line is the title and summarizes the meaning of the poem.


Weather forecast
(Nonet poem)

Our reservoirs are overflowing,
the fear of a drought is over.
Ever since the hosepipe ban
we’ve had more than enough.
But still it keeps on
every day
they will still

© Jezebel Myschka

A nonet poem has nine descending lines of 9 syllables, then 8,7,6,5,4,3,2 and finally 1. It doesn’t need to rhyme.


Raindrops and Rainfall
(Diamante poem)

Raindrops –
welcome, gentle,
tinkling, cleansing, refreshing
drought relief. Dismal depression,
flooding, driving, pouring,
dreary, constant

© Jezebel Myschka

Antonym or Synonym Diamante Poem:-
Builds a diamond shape:- Noun or subject Two adjectives describe the subject Three -ing words about the subject Four words, two about the first word, two about the antonym/synonym Three -ing words about the antonym/synonym Two adjectives describing the antonym/synonym Antonym/synonym for the subject.


(Acrostic poem)

Rain keeps falling all the time
April showers in May
It never ceases
Night or day

© Jezebel Myschka

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