Percy Wood Pigeon

Percy Wood Pigeon just waddles around
in our Mum’s garden, not making a sound.
He’s fat and lazy and stays here all day
picking up anything Mum throws his way.

He can’t fit on feeders, he’s much too fat,
he’s just a target for our next door’s cat,
he sits in the tree that’s over our run
and Mum moans about all the mess he’s done.

Now and again his wife comes here to stay,
she doesn’t stay long and soon flies away.
We bark at him loud but he shows no fear,
and Mum says to leave him ‘cos he lives here.

Wikipedia – Wood Pigeon 

2 thoughts on “Percy Wood Pigeon

  1. In 1999 a woodpigeon came into our back garden patio,so I left him some grain to eat.He
    came for the next 4 years.I built him his own feed table with grain and water.We knew it was him when he came,as he had his own personality,and soon had his mate coming in with him.Unfortunately after 4 years he failed to return and we assumed his dimise.But
    since then to this present day woodpigeon have pleased us with their company,feeding
    at the table I made for Percy.Our patio has been under cover with a well erected lean to for the past ten years,and don’t those pigeons appreciate it,may they come for many years in the future……

    • Hi Graham. I’m glad you share my sentiments about looking after our birds. A lot of people do not appreciate them, and I have come to regard my regulars as my little friends. You are right that they have their own personalities. Did you really call your pigeon Percy as well?

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