Jezebel Myschka’s work published on third party websites or ezines

JM is saving the best of her work for publication into books, some of which have already been produced for family and friends. However, she has had work published publicly on various websites and ezines, samples of which can be found on the links below:-
Helium Network


Links to JM’s articles on

JM had two articles featured in the Autumn 2012 issue of
“Tracker Dog” and “My Lovebirds’ Adventure”


Links to JM’s articles on Helium Network:-
(but apparently this site is no longer valid)

Book Publications

To date JM has completed five photographic chapbooks, collections of JM’s poems using JM’s photos as a background (most of the photos are her own although a few have been borrowed from her daughter and other sources). These are hard-backed books, produced mainly for family and friends, but available to order.

“Life of Leisure” – a photographic chapbook collection of humorous verses written for a chapbook challenge during November 2012

“Doggie Ditties” – a photographic chapbook of verses and anecdotes humorously written as if through the eyes of two German Shepherd sisters

“Twenty Twelve” – a photographic chapbook collection of seasonal poetry and humorous verses relating to 2012

“Captivated by Cornwall” – a photographic collection of verses relating to JM’s favourite haunts in Cornwall

2014-01-01 10.57.28“Beneath my Tangled Sheets” – a photographic chapbook collection of humorous verses written for a chapbook challenge during November 2013
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Other partly completed works by JM to be published in the near future are:-

“Almost Human” – a second illustrated chapbook of Doggie Ditties penned during April 2015 during April Poem-a-Day challenge

“Seasons” – as the title suggests, a collection of JM’s seasonal related poems

“Siamese Tails” – a series of humorous letters “written” by JM’s Siamese cat to her mother’s dog

“Best of British” – an illustrated collection of poems about British places mainly in the West Country, the Midlands, and coastal areas of England, Wales and Scotland, where JM has spent a lot of happy holidays

“Murder at Hardstonecourt Hall” – an amusing Murder Mystery play designed for Murder Mystery parties

“The Cottage” – a series of short stories set in Oxfordshire, about romances, love affairs, murder and intrigue, designed as a serial

“Ponderings of a Purple Pensioner” – a collection of humorous verses and anecdotes designed to appeal to the female older generation