Just at the right time

I was feeling down,
my skies were grey,
when out of the blue
he came my way.

We started so well,
he changed my life,
until he asked me
to be his wife.

Life was good for us
and we felt blessed,
we added children
to our love nest.

But then, all too soon
our life had changed.
A painful divorce
was then arranged.

Life went on sadly
in gloomy fog,
until one lucky day
I found a dog.

Just at the right time
she came to me.
We lived together
so happily.

But soon the time comes
for her to go
to doggy heaven;
I’ll miss her so.

Is it her right time?
It’s hard to tell.
She’s getting so weak
and can’t walk well.

Now we live each day
being joyful,
until the sad time comes
to bid farewell.

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