Jubilee Street Party

Jubilee in June got well under way,
Just an excuse to all get together,
Jolly festivities on ev’ry day,
Jovialities despite bad weather.

Under our red, white and blue umbrellas,
Unusually gay, we dodged the rain,
Up went gazebos built by our fellers,
Usual barbecue weather again!

Neighbours could celebrate Queen’s Jubilee,
Nothing could be too much of a bother,
Neighbouring folk that met at the party,
Normally never knew one another.

Each street closed so we were able to roam,
Even the children played games in the rain.
Eventually, when they all went back home
Ev’rything went back to normal again.

Trolaan Poem
4 quatrains (a stanza of 4 lines, each having a similar amount of syllables) Each line of the stanza begins with the same letter and the rhyme scheme is abab. Starting with the 2nd stanza, the 2nd  letter of the 1st  line of the 1st stanza starts each line on the 2nd stanza. On the 3rd stanza the 2nd letter on the 2nd stanza begins each line of 3rd stanza. On 4th stanza the second letter on the 1st line of the 3rd line begins each line of 4th stanza 

© Jezebel Myschka

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