Hello Iris

Hello Iris, it’s so good to see you again.
It seems so long since I last saw you, when
I thought you’d gone away for good.

Oh hello Daff, I see you’ve come to join us too.
How surprised and glad I am to see you!
I thought that last year you were dead!

And Viola’s here with her pretty cheerful smile,
I have not seen that for such a long while,
it was hidden under her hood.

We have now folded the big white blanket away,
But we hope you will be able to stay,
you can lie in sunshine instead.


I think little Rose was just on her way,
tried to be here by the end of the day,
but the cold now has got her in a tizz
and she’s decided to stay where she is.

I’m sorry to say that I now have no heat
and my roof apparently seems to leak,
and you all need to hold on very tight
as a wind has developed overnight.

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