There he lies again, soaking up the sun
on our kitchen window sill, with a flower vase by his bum!

He doesn’t belong here, he just comes and goes,
leaves his mark in the doorway – it’s my fault I ‘spose!

He looked at me sadly, and I couldn’t resist –
he looked like he desperately needed to be kissed.

I gave him a cuddle, and he purred quite a lot,
so I gave him some of the dog food I’d got.

Now he comes here nearly every day
and I make sure he’s fed when we go away.

One day I took him to our local vet
to make sure he’d be good with the she-cats he’d met.

I didn’t think he’d an owner, I didn’t think he’d a home –
I thought he lived in a shed somewhere, all alone.

But the folk down the road have gone to pastures new,
and he’s disappeared – we presume they took him too!

I’d like to know when they saw their doctored cat,
paid for by me – what did they think of that?

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