April Showers

On with my coat and walking shoes,
the dogs are ready to go,
but the sky has turned a dark shade of grey
and it looks like it might snow.
Here comes the rain –
and here I’m staying!

Off with my coat and settled down again
to wait for the shower to stop.
It’s now raining cats and dogs, and even hail
has caught us all on the hop.
Down comes the rain –
no walk yet, it’s plain.

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A Frosty Morning








I love a frosty Monday morning like today under a clear blue sky –
apart from the friendly robin in the bushes over there,
there’s no-one in the world about except my dog and I,
and our breath is steaming from us both in the fresh and icy air.
Such is retirement on a Monday –
almost as good as being a Sunday!

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Our Butcher

“I’ve got a good joint of pork for you today”
my friendly butcher down the road used to say.
“I saved it ‘specially for you, my dear,
and some special lamb chops, so never fear,
you won’t go hungry this week, my sweet.”

We don’t have that sort of custom today –
we just go to the supermarket, then to pay.
All our meat is packaged, clean and scanned –
we’ll buy what looks good, and what’s close to hand.
We don’t bother to go far down the street.

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