A family of long-tailed tits have come to visit me,
they’ve been here all day in and out the Eucalyptus tree.
They’re eating all the old nuts and fat balls that I’ve put out
I’ve not seen them here before, so I guess without a doubt
they like what I’ve provided more than the usual seeds
that all the birds sort through and drop down to grow into weeds!

Mr Blackbird, who’s long been a regular resident
is pecking at the coconut – that was money well spent.
And Percy Pigeon still waddles all about down below
picking up the seeds, I hope, before they begin to grow.
There’s lots of diff’rent little birds scrabbling in the gravel
if next door’s cat sees them there, they’ll have to quickly travel!

Robin’s still here strutting around, singing his lovely song.
Blue tits and finches come as well, but don’t stay very long.
There’s so much going on outside it’s hard to concentrate
on what I have to do today, and it could make me late.
But that’s what my life’s all about, watching the birds come by,
there’s so much going on with these visitors from the sky.

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